Boule Café is a French-inspired bakery café with a menu created by Chef Anne Coll of City Center’s Meritage. The menu features a strong breakfast offering with options like smoked salmon frittata with spinach, goat cheese, and herb roasted potatoes, or pain perdu with spiced pear chutney and maple syrup.  Lunch and dinner selections include hearty sandwich offerings as well as hot soups and a Lancaster County-style pot pie featuring free-range chicken and roasted root vegetables.  French and Belgian beers are also highlighted at Boule Café and are balanced out by regional favorites, such as Victory Prima Pils from Downington, PA. A selection of spirits and hand crafted cocktails along with non-alcoholic and coffee beverages are also available. Boule café is an oasis with a unique glass countertop that lets you see right into the selection of fresh pastries and sandwiches. Within easy reach and integrated along the side of the cases is a wide selection of magazines, which you can browse while you wait for your cappuccino.