Cibo Bistro Gourmet Market and Brighton Collectibles Named PHL’s Restaurant and Retailer of the Fourth Quarter 2013-2014


Cibo Bistro Gourmet Market and Brighton Collectibles Named PHL’s
Restaurant and Retailer of the Fourth Quarter 2013-2014

PHILADELPHIA — July 21, 2014 — The Philadelphia Marketplace Food & Shops at Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) announced Cibo Bistro Gourmet Market, Terminal C, and Brighton Collectibles, B/C Connector, as its Restaurant and Retailer of the Quarter, respectively, for Q4 2013-2014.

The Philadelphia Marketplace’s Cutting EDGE! Program (Excellence Drives Great Experiences) was designed to motivate and reward merchants. Each merchant can earn EDGE! points through great customer service and participation in marketing programs. At the end of each quarter, the food and retail merchants with the most points are named “Merchant of the Quarter.”

Cibo Bistro Gourmet Market offers passengers healthy options while traveling. The menu consists of a wide array of products including specialty snacks and drinks. This express market also carries a selection of vegan and organic foods.

Brighton Collectibles offers a stylish collection of handbags, jewelry, charms, eyewear and other accessories. With more than 160 stores across the country, Brighton Collectibles prides itself as a heritage brand that resulted from the vision of two high school sweethearts.

“We hold our merchants to the highest levels of customer service, and the winners this quarter are no exception,” said Anna DiGregorio, director of marketing for the Philadelphia Marketplace Food & Shops. “Congratulations to Cibo Gourmet Market and Brighton Collectibles on being named merchants of the fourth quarter.”

MarketPlace Development (MarketPlace) develops and manages airport retail programs across the country. A recognized industry leader for more than 20 years, MarketPlace works in partnership with airports and airlines to enhance passenger satisfaction and maximize revenue. The Massachusetts-based company is responsible for the concessions programs at Philadelphia International Airport, in concert with its management firm MarketPlace Philadelphia Management; LaGuardia Airport’s Terminal B, Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, Washington Dulles International Airport. MarketPlace has also worked with numerous other airports and with airlines across the country.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Photo (L-R) of Liz Lloyd, manager of Cibo, and Lydia Toller, manager of Brighton, is embedded in this email.

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