La Colombe PHL

PHILADELPHIA Feb. 20, 2019 — Travelers passing through the B/C Connector at the Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) can now enjoy the aroma of freshly brewed coffee around the clock from Philly favorite La Colombe. Philadelphia Marketplace and La Colombe celebrated the opening of the B/C Connector location, which offers 24/7 service, with a special ribbon-cutting ceremony on Monday, Feb. 4.

La Colombe is a U.S. coffee roaster and retailer headquartered in Philadelphia. The company has steadily grown since its start, and now has five cafes throughout the city (not counting the airport), as well as locations in Boston, California, Chicago, New York and Washington, D.C. La Colombe has plans to continue its expansion.

Other La Colombe locations at PHL include Concourse A-East, Concourse B and Concourse E.

“Travelers looking for a delicious cup of coffee are in for a treat at La Colombe,” said Mel Hannah, vice president and general manager of MarketPlace PHL. “The coffee roaster, native to the city, provides passengers who need a boost, or an opportunity to relax, with easy access to one of the best cups of coffee in Philly.”

Philadelphia Marketplace offers merchants premium opportunities to better service their customers with more than 183,000 square feet of dedicated concession space and a robust roster of high-quality retailers, including luxury name brands and high-end dining.

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