Local Retailers/Restaurateurs Invited to Business Forum at Philadelphia International Airport

Marketplace Philadelphia Management and Marketplace Development, in conjunction with the City of Philadelphia’s Division of Aviation will host a business forum at the Airport Marriott on June 30, 2009 at 9:30 a.m. Local, regional and national retailers, quick service food operators, and restaurateurs are invited to learn about unique opportunities that are available in the concessions program at the Philadelphia International Airport. Also, the meeting is to encourage and foster new business relationships in the community and create new jobs in Philadelphia.

The airport environment presents a great opportunity for merchants to benefit from captive passenger traffic and a strong demand for quality dining and retail. Philadelphia International Airport is proud to have recently opened the new D/E Connector with 10 new retail/food and beverage locations including Crocs, Borders, Peet’s Coffee, Brookstone, InMotion, Lids, Sunglass Hut, Taxco Sterling, Techshowcase and Vino Volo. The D/E Connector is the first phase of an expansion project set to be completed in 2010 and that provides exciting opportunities for potential new merchants.

“Our goal for the forum is to inform everyone about opportunities at PHL and to attract quality retail and dining concepts to add to our award-winning family of merchants,” said Clarence LeJeune, President of Marketplace Philadelphia Management.

To attend the forum, please RSVP to Mignon Davis at 215-492-7522 or e-mail mdavis@philamarketplace.com by Wednesday, June 24, 2009. Please include your contact information.


MarketPlace Philadelphia Management is the manager of the food and retail program throughout Philadelphia International Airport. The award-winning food and retail program consists of stores and eateries throughout Terminals A–West through F. The airport features more than 160 in-line stores, restaurants and services, plus over 30 specialty retail units. MarketPlace Philadelphia Management is the local management company for MarketPlace Development, a Boston-based retail development firm that partners with airports and airlines to develop, lease, and manage airport retail programs. For more information, visit www.philamarketplace.com


Philadelphia International Airport is owned and operated by the City of Philadelphia. The airport is a self-sustaining entity that operates without the use of local tax dollars. It is one of the largest economic engines in Pennsylvania, generating an estimated $14.2 billion in spending to the regional economy and employing a workforce of nearly 42,000. Visit the official Philadelphia International Airport website at http://www.phl.org.